Skinner's Flint River Coondogs

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Welcome to Skinner's Flint River Coondog Kennel

This kennel is located in Crawford Co. GA, its owned and operated by Caz Bishop Skinner. Skinner's Flint River Coondog Kennel focuses on making the ultimate coonhounds, using the best hunting bred dogs that can be found.

Pup Results

Based on reports of kings 1st litter. He is reproducing WINNING material! There only 1 year old and some are split treeing with the meat. Some have even treed 1st wild coon as early as 4months old! Thats AMAZING!

Rip and Smutt


Flint River Rip treed under wild coon at 11 months old, by himself!!!

Rip and King treed

King of Hunt B&T sectional at Alapaha Coon Club         NITECH SETUM UP KING II

Amazing Tack Factor

UKC GA state coon and squirel champion cur dog in 2012!

 Big Time Bawling Bishop's Bud

Home of Nelsons Northern Rex's son, and grandson to Cypress Brake Setum Up Ace; pr' Big Time Balling Bishop's Bud, and also littermate to Ivey's Grove River Rex. 


Caz Bishop Skinner


Partner: Ricky Harrington


Thanks everyone for stopping by; hunt hard, safe, and keep them hounds a treein